What I'm Doing Now

This is what has my attention right now, not the recent past, or where I'm going.  Now.

This was last updated November 26, 2017.

The Refinery

  • The end of the year is always a bit slow in terms of my typical sales volume, so I'm making the best of the time by refining our sales process.
  • Because work is slower, I make sure to leave work at a reasonable hour to make time for non-work activities.
  • I've been battling some RSI injuries, and have been relearning to type using the Dvorak keyboard.


  • I'm donating much of my weekend time to a non-profit I care deeply about, The Discover Oneness Foundation.
  • We've put a ton of focus on the website the last few months, but I've had to momentarily put a pause to working on it to focus on priorities at The Refinery.

Home Life

  • Continuing a deep dive in my study of jazz piano.
  • We're prepping to move into a new house, and all the hard work required for that.