Besides raw experiences, books have had more positive impact on my growth as an entrepreneur than anything else. Some books are groundbreaking, and others not worth opening.

Strategy Books

Anything You Want by: Derek Sivers
Building a StoryBrand by: Donald Miller
Built to Last by: Jim Collins
Competitive Strategy by: Michael E. Porter
Competitive Strategy by: Michael E. Porter
Elon Musk by: Ashlee Vance
Finish Big by: Bo Burlingham
Focus by: Al Ries
Good to Great by: Jim Collins
Great by Choice by: Jim Collins
Here Comes Everybody by: Clay Shirky
Holacracy by: Brian J. Robertson
How Google Works by: Eric Schmidt
How to Win at the Sport of Business by: Mark Cuban
Inspired by: Marty Cagan
Managing the Professional Service Firm by: David H. Maister
Million Dollar Consulting by: Alan Weiss
QBQ! The Question Behind the Question by: John G. MIller
Remote: Office Not Required by: Jason Fried
Rework by: Jason Fried